And Gosh Darn It, People Like Me!

Yesterday was the opening day of the 111th Congress. Sadly, Minnesota is still lacking one senator. The recount has Al Franken ahead of Norm Coleman by a slim margin, but a winner has not been announced and Coleman has filed a lawsuit challenging the recount results.

Since Al Franken is not in Washington, he's hanging out at the U of M Rec Center! Yes! D and I saw him there last night! Shorts, t-shirt, and white gym socks.

I came out of the locker room after a grueling workout (with the combination lock), and noted a kind of dorky looking guy at the desk just outside. Seriously. He was asking about a locker and my thought was, "that guy looks like a dork".

As I waited for D, I got a better look at the guy and thought, "That looks like Al Franken". The hair, the side of the glasses I could see...could it be? Then he turned and headed toward us and my mouth dropped open. "Hey! That's Al Franken!" I immediately regretted my dork thought.

He was stopped by a woman who said "Congratulations" and shook his hand. A few people clapped a bit. He started heading up the stairs about the same time D and I left. Perhaps my coat brushed against him!

I was too shy to say hello and shake his hand, but I wish I had.

Later at home, I was a little star-struck as I sat on my couch and thought, "I saw Stuart Smalley!"


The Rec center, that is awesome!!

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