Happy New Year, Part Deux

I'm not making any New Year's Resolutions. I won't keep them anyway, and then in addition to not losing weight, not exercising enough, and not keeping in better touch with my family, I also have to deal with my lack-of-stick-to-it-iveness.

Rather, I'll share my favorite 2008 things.

Best Pet: Zoey the Cat. Oh Zoey. Why did you have to go?

Favorite person to talk to on the phone: The Little Guy…he always has fun things to tell about the moon, owls, snowmen, his train set, and talking airplanes. Speaking two-year old gets easier every day.

Favorite place to eat: This year, I go with the Nook. True comfort is a Juciy Nookie burger on a cold, rainy afternoon.

Favorite New Place to Eat: Brasa. I want to go back. Anyone want to go with me?

And One More Favorite Place to Eat: Wilde Roast Cafe. Really good tuna melt.

Best Day Off: "Playing Hooky Day" with Kym and Kyle. What was the highlight? The AMAZING burgers at Salut? The tour of the Summit Brewery? Seeing Han Solo’s clothes? Hard to pick.

Best Vacation: Disney World…not that my other trips weren't great, but I think it is hard to beat Disney World on your birthday.

Best work trip: Disney World…not that Rochester wasn’t great, but I think it is hard to beat Disney World and there were fireworks every night.

Best Knitting Moment: Hats and pacifier clips. I’ve scaled down my expectations considerably.

Favorite Movie: Tropic Thunder…”My face looks like a koi fish stuck inside an almond cookie”. Granted, I just saw it so it is freshest in my mind, but it was pretty funny.

Favorite New Treat: Salted Caramel Ice Cream at Izzy's.


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