The Sink Saga

There has been a string of mishaps in my kitchen lately. I wish I could say these were cooking mishaps...the kind of thing that happens when you experiment for the first time with spun sugar or forget to soak bamboo skewers before putting them on the grill.

No, these are the kind of mishaps that happen not through your own doing, but by faulty plumbing.

Last Thursday, I was draining the dish water from the sink when I heard a loud "whooshing" sound. I opened the cabinet below, and there was all my dish water, emptying all over my cleaning supplies. The handyman came out, let me know the pipes were clogged, got that fixed. Life was good.

Tuesday morning I was getting ready to head off to work when I heard a dripping from the kitchen. Water was dripping through the upper cabinets and on to the counter. I emptied out the cabinet (all my food is still on my kitchen table) and called the landlord again. The handyman came out again, let me know the pipes in the apartment upstairs were leaking, the plumber was coming to fix that. Life was good.

I got home Tuesday night and my sink had about an inch of standing water and black sludge in it. Life is still good, but the sink is not.

Once again, I called. Fixing the pipes upstairs caused more problems in my pipes. Someone is coming out this morning to fix my sink, which hopefully does not cause problems in the sink below me!

All this left me feeling bummed out, so last night D and I went to Cecil's Deli and he bought me latkes.

I am almost done with my second stripey sock, and in fact would be done, if not for the West Wing. Tuesday morning while I waited for the handyman, I watched two episodes of the West Wing and worked on the sock...just knitting around and around and around...until I had knit about 2 inches too much. I ripped that all out and am working on the toe. Should be done this week!


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