Sometimes...The Bus is Scary

Or at least the bus stops are. Last night after tap class, I decided to try a different route home. I took the 50 to Vandalia where I waited for an 87. I got home at about the same time as either of the other two bus options I have. It really all comes down to: Where do I want to spend 15 minutes standing around?

I've only taken this route home twice before, and this third time didn't give me a lot of confidence that I'll do this again in the future.

The first time was a day the U closed early due to a snowstorm. While I waited for the 87, a belligerent, bordering on hostile, drunk guy showed up. Eventually he wandered across the street to McDonald's.

Last night, two guys came in the shelter. They were loud and foul-mouthed, but not scary. They were joined by a young woman who was equally loud and foul-mouthed. I was a little uncomfortable, but I was pretty sure the bus would show up soon.

Down the street comes a fourth guy, tall and lanky. Tall and lanky guy comes in to the shelter, grabs the foul-mouthed young woman, and starts dragging her down the street. He appeared to be yelling at her. The he let her go...and he just started wandering out in to traffic. Cars were stopping for him and then he'd walk in front of another car. This was on University Avenue, a very busy four-lane road that runs from Minneapolis to St. Paul. Talk about crazy.

At that point, I decided I was going to get on ANY bus that showed up. Fortunately, the 87 arrived and I got on a nice warm bus and headed home.

I'm not sure I'll go that route again. Crazy seems to hang out at that bus stop.


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