Hopefully not the smell too...

Yesterday at the Little Guy's daycare, the teachers talked to the kids all about different sounds. I imagine the conversation was something like, "There are so many beautiful sounds in the world. Birds chirping, babies laughing, your mommy or daddy singing to you. And there are loud sounds! Jackhammers and jet planes. And irritating sounds like nails on the chalkboard and whining".

The teachers then asked all the little kids if they could be any sound, what sound would they want to be.

The Little Guy wants to be the sound of a...fart.

I laughed all morning.


Gigi said…
I still laugh about it. When I dropped him off today, I saw that they had written on a large paper all the sounds the kids want to be: loud pirate, soft pirate, pink sheep, vacuum cleaner, tiger, drum...and there by the Little Guys name it says "Fart". She asked him several times and he was very sure that was the sound he wanted to be.
Michelle said…
Oh my gosh! Now I am really laughing...so much so I can barely tell this story...tears...the whole bit. I haven't laughed this hard since Tropic Thunder.

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