Winter Cabin Weekend Number II

This weekend was my second Winter Cabin Weekend with D and his friends. You can read about my first Winter Cabin Weekend here.

This year, D and I took Friday off and headed to the cabin early. D arrived at my apartment Friday morning with Bruegger's bagels and OJ (promising start to the weekend) and soon we were on our way to Chippewa Falls.

One of the first things we did when we got there (after turning on the heat) was to have an impromptu photo shoot for the Ribby Cardi.

Thank goodness it is finally done! It's been so long, I don't even remember when I started it. It is made with Peruvian Highland Wool, which is very warm and very itchy. I love the sweater though. The only thing I would change if I did it again would be to make it slightly longer.

We spent the first day lazing about. No one else showed up until about 7:30. We went grocery shopping, I started knitting a hat, D read and napped, we baked cookies. It was lovely.

Winter Cabin Weekend was a bit more docile this year. The only people playing Poke the Pirate were the toddlers, and they certainly didn't turn it into a drinking game. There were attempts to turn Farkel into a drinking game, but they were met with a lukewarm response at best. Are we old?

The weather in Chippewa Falls was perfect, so D and I headed out Saturday afternoon to do some geocaching. We found three of the four and I got to use my new GPS tracker.

We found a travel bug in one cache. This particular travel bug's goal is to make it to as many state and national parks as possible around the world. I think that little travel bug will be heading to Ireland soon!

Of course there were beer brats at the cabin...and silly hats.

And Patrick and Marcy brought the Violet Crumbles again. Perfect.

I also got to wear this great hamburger hat. Yup. A good weekend indeed.


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