Ribby Cardi Continued

Last night, a small miracle occurred in my apartment. In between doing two loads of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, washing the dishes, and reading a few chapters about the life of Barack Obama, I managed to sew on half of the zipper for my Ribby Cardi! What Ribby Cardi you ask? Why, the one I finished a year ago. The one I intended to wear to a Super Bowl party LAST YEAR, but bought the wrong kind of zipper. The one that has been sitting neglected over the back of my green chair for a year now. THAT Ribby Cardi.

I am amazed at how much I can get done in a small amount of time when I really put my mind to it and am not totally exhausted. I also told myself last night that I would not begin anything new until I had sewed the zipper on that sweater. Hopefully I'll get the other half done tonight!

I am still looking for ideas for my Anti-Valentine's Day. I like all the ideas so far...well, maybe not the ones that involve babysitting. I really like Meema's idea to give compost, and if either of us lived in a house and might actually use the compost, I would be all over that! I'll have to think of a way to adapt it for apartment living (I've already ruled out a worm composter. When I was a hall director, one of the houses I was in charge of had a worm composter and it caused many, many problems).

So, leave those Anti-Valentine's Day ideas everyone! I'm counting on you!


Orinda5 said…
I have been thinking about this since your last post, and all I can come up with is cleaning - particularly cleaning a bathroom. ;)

Maybe instead of the typical valentine's idea doing something special for one other person - you make it "anti-valentine's" by doing something special for others. You could volunteer or do something charitable together that day.
Gigi said…
I like Orinda5's idea. You should go with that.

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