Stripey Socls

I finished the Stripey Socks last Thursday, my fist socks using the Magic Loop. They are a little baggy, and I wish I had made more of an effort to either make the stripes match perfectly or not at all. As it is, I feel they are off just enough to look like a mistake. No problem though. I still like them! The yarn is Cascade Sassy Stripes.

In other news, I spent yesterday with The Little Guy. We hung out while his parent's attended a Bat Mitzvah, then we headed to the Como Zoo and Izzy's Ice Cream. The lions at the zoo were actually awake (first time ever I've seen them awake), and the male lion looked so majestic. Absolutely beautiful.

This was The Little Guy's first ice cream cone. He seemed to really enjoy it.

After ice cream, we headed down to Choo Choo Bob's Train Store, which he loved! He used his cute two-year old act to get a little train out of mom and a t-shirt out of Auntie Mimi. Gigi said when he got home, he was most excited about the Dum-Dum lollipop the cashier gave him!

I've got two more skeins of sock yarn I am eager to being knitting with. Some red yarn from Pagewood Farms (first up) and some rainbow colored Lorna's Laces (on deck to be worked on in Ireland). Pictures coming soon!


I love these! And I am a total Magic Loop dévotée...

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