Stuck On You

Well, Valentine's Day is over. As it turns out, D and I didn't really do anything "anti-Valentine's Day" or otherwise. We went over to my sister's for dinner: salmon with leeks and the yummiest fingerling potatoes ever (the leftovers made an appearance at breakfast) and watched some old Duran Duran videos. So, when I comes down to it, I spent the day with the people I love best (yes, Duran Duran falls into that category), which is as it should be.

I gave the Little Guy some stickers, which he then stuck all over himself.

They all fell off in about 10 minutes.

D and I are planning to go to the volunteer fair at the Mall of America next Saturday, so we will be using Orinda5's suggestion. We just couldn't find anything to do yesterday.

I am working on two new knitting projects. One is Matilda, which I am knitting from some lovely red Peace Fleece.

The other is the Lombard Street Socks which I am making using my Pagewood Farm Chugiak Handyed Sock Yarn. OOOh...I am in love with this stuff (well, not the big knot I found). The color is called Really Red and it's beautiful. The pattern is fun too, so I am sure I will be done with these in no time. Here is a pic of my progress so far.

Not the best picture, but you get the idea. YES! I am using the Magic Loop again.

I am using my little eeePC, Lulu, today. I'm trying to get used to it before I head off to Ireland in, must be about 25 days now. SQUEEE!


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