Happy Belated Birthday Grandpa!

My Grandpa O recently turned 98. Here he is with two apple pies he baked from scratch. My step-mom didn't say how they tasted, but they look yummy. He uses my Grandma O's recipe. She was quite the cook and baker. She made the best green beans, and a delicious pineapple upside-down cake. I think I also developed my love of German Chocolate cake based on her baking as well.

Grandpa would always make pancakes when we visited. My favorite were the pancakes with bacon inside the pancake. He would pour the batter over the piece of bacon. Every few bites of pancake you'd get a bacony-goodness treat. I'll have to try this myself.

I hope when I am 98 I'm still baking pies.


Meema said…
He's 98?!? No. Way.

He looks happy, and rather pleased with his pies (which look gorgeous, I agree). I hope he has a great year!

p.s. I am sooo trying the bacon-cake idea...
Just KT said…
And the margaritas by the pool...I hope I can still do that when I'm 98.

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