I Love My Mom

I really hate to be a whiner, but I am STILL sick. I went to work Thursday and quite a few people actually told me to go home. So I left early and then stayed home again today. The doctor said I have not been sick long enough and I'm missing a couple symptoms for her to say it was a sinus infection, but I should go back Monday if I don't feel any better. In other words, suffer through the weekend! Yay!

My brother posted on my Facebook page, "Suck it up! At least you don't have a broken arm!" Such sympathy. But he has a point, because David DOES have a broken arm. He broke it Wednesday night. So he's miserable, I'm miserable...and neither one of us can really help the other out. I'd like to be over there cleaning his house and cooking for him, but I just don't have the energy. And I'm sure he'd like to bring me chicken noodle soup, but he broke his right arm and he drives a stick, so that's pretty much out of the question.

In lieu of that, my good, kind mother drove out to St. Paul and took me back to her place so she can take care of me. She's making me tea right now. She is so sweet. Aren't moms the best?


Anonymous said…
If it makes you feel better, everyone here is also sick (even me!) Some type of chest congestion / head cold crud. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Also, when my co-workers tell me to go home, I make sure to cough extra hard in their direction. That way, I know they will be sick in a few day, and they will stay home and I don't have to listen to them anymore! HA!
Love, Your Brother.

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