Twins Win!

David and I hopped the Red Line this morning to Wrigley Field to watch the Twins take on the Cubs. It was a beautiful sunny day, a little breezy, cool in the shade, warm in the sun. Wonderful for an outdoor baseball game.

There were nearly as many Twins fans as Cubs fans there. When Joe Mauer hit a homerun in the third inning, the woman next to David asked, "Wait...Are we in Minnesota?" We were pretty happy that the Twins won, although it seemed like they went through just about the entire pitching rotation to do it.

Wrigley Field was a great place to see a baseball game. There is just something more satisfying about seeing a baseball sail through actual air, rather than the recycled stuff inside the Metrodome.

Yeah, we really out-hit the Cubs - 14 hits to 6. Kevin Slowey pitched 5 great innings and one not-so-great inning. Joe Nathan got the save.

David and I walked down after the game to get a closer look at the field. Oh, it would have been so cool to have sat down there! David got lots of comments on the PBR shirt.

Afterwards, we had some deep dish pizza for dinner and then wandered around the Art Institute of Chicago for bit. Admission is free Thursday and Friday nights during the summer. We headed over to the new Modern Building as well. If you'll be in Chicago this summer, check it out.


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