My Favorite Kind of Morning

David and I are having a lazy Sunday, something we haven't been able to enjoy for the last few weeks. We wandered over to the Egg and I for breakfast, and as we stepped outside I thought, "'s a little chilly," a thought that has not crossed my mind in quite awhile.

I had the Kamikaze Yogurt...the tang of plain yogurt nicely complemented by blueberries, bananas, and walnuts. I felt it balanced the carbs and sugar in the caramel roll quite well.

We've been lazing around with the paper ever since. Windows open, breeze coming in, I actually curled up in a blanket earlier! I just came back up from getting coffee downstairs, and as I walked in, the apartment has that fresh air smell, a surprise since judging by the dust bunny I just found, it's been a while since David has cleaned. Which is FINE because he has a broken arm!

Needless to say, I feel in my element. Cool breeze, coffee, paper, and fibery goodness on deck for this afternoon.

I begin my Split Rock Arts Program workshop today. I am taking Fiber and Fabric Structures: An Intensive. I'll be sure to post each day about what we have learned and what I am making. I've been looking through my stash to see what fibers I could take to play around with...the corn yarn is a must, the bamboo as well. I also have some undyed wool I will take as well...we'll be playing around with more than just Kool-Aid.


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