Voice Mail from the Little Guy

Gigi, her hubby, and the Little Guy have been in Florida for the past week and a half. Yes, while I enjoyed the rainy weather in Chicago, they were at the beach.

Yesterday, the Little Guy called and left me the cutest voice mail. I love the voice mails he leaves me. Far too many of them have been deleted from my voice mail box before I was ready - in a particular the one where he tells me to have a "NICE FLIGHT!" It was so cute...I miss that voice mail.

To counteract this problem, I will not be recording all my voice mails from him. And as you can see below, I used my camera with the visual aid of Johnny Depp (doesn't he look a little weird with his chin missing?)

So, it's not that exciting. I am mostly posting this for my mom. Here is a translation of the conversation.

Little Guy: HI MIMI!
Gigi: Tell Mimi where you went yesterday.
LG: I go to Disney World.
G: What did we do there?
LG: Uhhhhh...I don't know.
G: We rode the train...who did you meet?
LG: I don't know.
G: Donald Duck!
LG: Duck!
G: Silly, okay, talk to ya later.

Voice Mail from the Little Guy from Michelle on Vimeo.


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