More Yarn! And a baby!

My mom is cleaning out her stash, so I headed over there this weekend to see what she had. I picked up a few things. Free yarn!

The first is this Plymouth Yarn Wildflower DK. I loved the dark pink color. It's also made in Holland, where my family is from, so that is an added bonus. It's 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. There are 404 projects on Ravelry using this yarn...hopefully there are a couple two skein projects. It will always make a nice baby hat.

Next up is some Aussi Sock from Oasis Yarns (192 projects on Ravelry). No surprise here - it is made in Australia. The color is Atlantic Weaves. 90% Aussi Merino, 10% nylon. I'll be able to safely throw whatever socks come from this in the washing machine.

This Cascade 128 Tweed caught my eye. 90% Peruvian Highland Wool, 10% Donegal Tweed. The pink was just too much fun to pass up. 842 projects on Ravelry, including a bowl which looks really cool, but I'm not sure I want a pink bowl.
I also took the last of my mom's Wool Bam Boo from Classic Elite Yarns (617 projects). She made me a Koolhaas (grabbed my magnet from the Seattle Public Library to check the spelling on that!) hat from this yarn. I think I'll try a scarf to go with the hat. This yarn is so soft. It is 50% bamboo and 50% wool.

And last but not least, some Dreambaby DK from Plymouth Yarns. No natural fibers in this and I don't care. It's 50% acrylic and 50% nylon. I've got a variety of colors, and if I ever finish the baby blanket I am working on, I'll make a nice rainbow blanket out of this. At 1,330 projects on Ravelry, there should be no problem finding something to knit with this.

I also have another hat to show off. It's a Marley hat, my favorite hat to make!

Here's a picture of the proud recipient, Eddie. He won't be able to wear the hat for a few more months, but that's okay. It's supposed to be 95 degrees today, so I don't think he really needs a hat.


Orinda5 said…
You can't beat free yarn - especially lovely stuff like that.
You are a baby hat maven. Super cute!
Eddie is pretty cute too. ;)

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