The End Result... a really ugly scarf. I'll get to that in a minute.

I had two more days of my fiber and fabric structure class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday we spent most of the day talking about man-made fibers. We talked about fibers that are made from reconstituted cellulose (an example is rayon) and synthetic fibers (such as the much maligned acrylic). I don't have my notes with me, so I won't try to go into any details.

Our instructor encouraged us to arrange our fiber samples in an aesthetically pleasing manner. As you can see, I ignored that advice.

We then moved on to talk about fabric structures - different weaves and knits and such - and different treatments for fibers. I found this all fascinating. I think others in the class were anxious to get to the hands on aspect of the class, but I was content to soak up all this information. I really wasn't in any hurry to be creative. You'll see why in a minute.

For our class project, we each got a velvet scarf that we treated with some gunk (a combination of a thickener and some kind of stuff you use in swimming pools) to burnout the protein part of the scarf and leave behind the non-protein. In this case, silk and rayon. We applied the gunk with paintbrushes, squirt bottles, whatever was on hand.

This is where things got iffy for me, as anything that slightly resembles drawing or painting shuts down my creative synapses. So, while I was doing a lame combination of squares and squiggles...

Holly was drawing these lovely Koi.

We left the scarves overnight for the gunk to dry.

Wednesday we dyed our creations. I forgot my camera, so I can only show you the finished product. We used Kool-Aid.

You can see that something in the pot also left blue marks on my scarf...

Oh yeah, I also burned a hole in the scarf while ironing it.

So, it pretty much turned out to be quite ugly. I think I may donate this to the dress up closet at my dad and step-mom's house. I took a silk scarf with me that I plan to play around with. Maybe that will turn out a little bit better.


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