I am the Crazy Sweater Lady

This morning, I brought my dad's sweater to class for show and tell. This is the lovely wool, cabled sweater I gave him about a year and a half ago. It really turned out nice.

When I got on the bus this morning, I sat in front of a young woman knitting! Having already had some coffee, I was feeling friendly and asked her what she was working on. She was knitting a sleeve for a cardigan, in the round.

So, then I asked her if I could show her something and proceeded to pull this big wool sweater out of my bag. I'm sure she thought I was nuts. She was very nice about it though and said it was beautiful. We chatted very briefly and then I went back to listening to my podcast and she knit.

Maybe it isn't so crazy. We are both knitters after all...we should share more!

I forgot my camera today so I cannot yet show you pics from class yesterday. I'll wait to blog about it until I have my camera.


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