The Last of the Marley Hats

At least for now.

If you are tired of looking at Marley Hats knit in green, blue, and yellow, imagine how I feel about knitting them. Not's a great hat to knit. I'm sure I'll make more in the future. I still have LOTS of the Tahki Cotton Classic sitting around...perfect amounts to do one or two rows of a hat. I do have another plan for them though that I will get to in a moment.

Why do I love the Marley hat so much? Like all baby hats, it is easy and quick. I don't completely follow the pattern, but it is fun to play with different textures in the same hat. The style of the hat is perfect for a boy or girl. Switch the colors up a little and you get a whole new look.

And the Marley Topper...this is what makes the Marley Hat. The topper is so fun and cute. I have to admit though, it is a pain to make. I have watched the tutorial video, and she makes it look so easy. Every time I make one, I struggle with getting it on the hat. Even with that, it's still pretty easy.

I've done all my Marley Hats with the Tahki Cotton Classic, a wonderful mercerized cotton available in a mind-boggling array of colors. This yarn has a lovely sheen, is not splitty like some yarns can be, and produces a nice stretchy hat. Very nice stitch definition as well. I can't speak to how it might look in other projects, but for a small hat it works wonderfully.

Just to give you an idea of how much yarn I used, I had one skein each of blue, yellow, and green and I made three hats in the 0-6 month size.

This same yarn is also used to make the flowers for the Rosebud hat. David and I have friends who recently had a baby girl (well, it's been a few months now), so my plan is make this hat, using the bits and pieces of this yarn I have to make the flowers.

I just saw on Susan B. Anderson's website that amp;sr=1-1">Itty Bitty Toys is on the way! I can't wait!

And in completely unrelated news, what is this?

Last weekend, I went with Gigi and her hubby to the furniture store and played with the Little Guy while they picked out a big boy bed for him. This toy was there. Looks like George Custer on a motorcyle...which seems really strange to me. Am I missing something?


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