A Large Blanket

Petr is huge. Or it will be huge. I measured the width the other day, just to see how far I had to go, and it is 41" across. That's over three feet.

At last measure, I had 25" in length, so I've got a ways to go. I'm getting 5 rows per inch, so if I do 5 rows a day, it will be done in a little more than two weeks. Here's hoping! I've got 4 rows so far today.

Tomorrow is the Little Guy's Birthday. He'll be three. He sure has changed from the days he got to be wrapped up like a burrito.


Gigi said…
When he gets in his towel after a bath we tell him that he is wrapped like a burrito. So, now when he gets out of the bath he says "wrap my in my burrito" and if we unwrap too early he get upset, stomps his feet and screams "I want my burrito! Put me in my burrito!"

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