Something Old, Something Blue

Wednesday I decided I was going to start knitting something. Something for me! Something using some of the lovely yarn I have. I've had my eye on the Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi for some time. The pattern calls for Malabrigo Worsted, which I happen to have. Time to get started.

The pattern also calls for size 9 needles. Knowing that I always have to go down a needle size, I headed to the knitting closet to find my size 8 needles. This is when I realized I really need to organize. Could not find size 8 anywhere. I'm pretty sure I have multiple size 8 needles, even multiple size 8 circular needles, but where they got themselves off to, I have no idea.

Then I realized that perhaps I was using some size 8s for the Petroleum Blanket. I called it this because it is made of acrylic yarn...a lovely blue Bernat Softee Baby. This particular blanket has been wrapped up inside a plastic bag since March 2008. It didn't even get the dignity of a plastic Target bag. Nope...just a generic plastic bag that says, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" all over it. It's really quite sad.

I pulled Petr (new attitude towards blanket, new name) out of the bag and sure enough, there were a set of size 8 needles. The very first size 8 circular needles I ever bought. Cheapy size 8s bought at some big box craft store...the needles have some kind of paint or something over them that has begun to wear away. They make a horrible scratchy sound when they touch. I don't like these needles.

It was about this point I realized that maybe I didn't want to knit the Assymetrical Cabled Cardi. I think the powers that be are sending me a message, "Don't Knit This!" This winter, when I first thought I might want to knit this, I went to the Yarnery to get some Malabrigo. None of the colors jumped out at me, so I bought knitting books instead. Now, I have the yarn, but did I really want to pull another half-complete project off of the needles? Needles that I don't like and would rather get rid of? Not really. And, how much do I really like this pattern? Not too terribly much.

So...I made a snap decision to finish Petr. Yeah, it's kind of a boring pattern and it's knit out of acrylic and it seems that I will never finish. But, I think when it is done, it will be lovely. So there you have it. I'll spend a good portion of the summer with a large pile of acrylic in my lap.

I got to it right away. Attached my iPod to the mini-speakers I got this weekend, started up a Cast On podcast, and began knitting. Wish me luck! I think I'll need it.


Anonymous said…
This must be the week to start projects that have been hibernating. I pulled out the sweater I started I think in 2007, worked a little in 2008 and now I am going to finish it. All i need to do is finish the right side, almost there, and the sleeves. then the trim. I was looking at the yarn I have left and am wondering if this may be a short sleeved sweater. We will see. Happy knitting. Mom
Anonymous said…
Good luck! Just keep at it ... a little bit a day adds up after awhile.

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