What was I thinking?

I realized it is going to take me forever to knit the Ripple Cardigan. Why? Because it is an adult size sweater knit on size 3 needles. Whoever thought knitting such a thing would be a good idea? Oh wait...me! The brim for Matilda is also slow going as it is many, many rows of stockinette.

Basically, I've got two really boring projects on the needles right now. I might need to add something to spice things up a little.

Gigi told me how the Little Guy went to a birthday party yesterday and got a balloon, which then got loose and blew away. Poor Little Guy was so upset! His dad explained to him that the balloon would fly far, far away and another family would find it and take really good care of it. He wanted to ride his bike really really fast and go find his balloon. Awww....

David and I headed over to my mom's this afternoon, where the Little Guy was visiting with my brother, wife, and their four little ones. So, we stopped at the party store on the way and picked him up a green balloon with orange string...just like he had lost. We also got balloons for all the other kids.

The Little Guy seemed a little confused and asked me where I found it. I just told him, "in my neighborhood". I think he was pretty happy to have his balloon back.

Edit: I talked to Gigi last night on the phone and she said the Little Guy was very careful with his balloon last night. He wanted to make sure he didn't lose it. And then he said, "It flew all the way to Mimi's neighborhood!" I wonder if someday he'll question that. :-)

Have a good week everyone!


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