She Is Trying To Kill Us!

About two minutes into my most recent swim lesson, I began to think that this whole triathlon idea was C-R-A-Z-Y! That swim instructor is trying to kill us, or at least make us hate water.

We started out with more kicking. When I got to the other end of the pool, she told me to kick faster. The rest of the class was lined up behind me like I was the jerk doing 55mph in the passing lane.

Then she made us swim six laps. SIX! SIX! BTW, a lap is once down the pool, 25 yards. We had to do two laps, 15 second rest, two laps, 15 second rest, 2 laps. I know someone out there is a swimmer and is thinking, "Whatever, Michelle. Get over it". But for me, who can barely swim one lap, this was as though someone told me to run a marathon after I've finished my first 5K.

I'd get to the far end of the pool, look back, and there she was, motioning with her arms and saying, "Come on. Come back!" At one point I actually said, "I don't want to".

By the end, I was so tired that I was flailing in the water, arms and legs akimbo, just praying I made it to the other side. This did not feel like a swim lesson, it felt like a swim practice! I don't want to be in the Olympics lady...I just want to learn how to breathe without pulling my entire head out of the water. Doing the entire half-mile swim of the triathlon doing breaststroke and backstroke is looking pretty good about now.

Fortunately, we spent the last half of "the lesson" learning to do flip turns, which for me meant doing lots of somersaults in the water. That part wasn't so bad.

Other than that, I spent last week avoiding the gym because I felt like I was getting a cold. I still feel like I am getting a cold, but I headed over there last night anyway. It's always crowded there on Monday....all those students must be trying to work off all those weekend beer calories.

Knitting update coming Thursday!


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