Knitting! It's Happening Again!

I can tell the weather is getting colder because I have been spending time in earnest searching Ravelry for patterns that can be made with what I have in my stash, making plans for what to knit next, and actually spending a good deal of time knitting.

I am on to the sleeves of the Wee Willie Whistle sweater. Ya know what that means? It's almost done!

I've been actually spending time on Ravelry lately and noticed that the Interweave Knits holiday issue was out. I checked it out and immediately saw the Ripple Cardigan and thought, "Finally! Something that I can knit with the TEN skeins of mohair I have!" Maybe not all ten skeins, but I'll take what I can get.

While I was at Barnes and Noble, I spotted Debbie Bliss knitting magazine. I had no idea she had a magazine. I picked up a copy because there are some nice tweedy sweaters that I think I might be able to use some of my tweedy yarn from Ireland to make. Pretty sure I don't have enough for any of the patterns, but I'll see what I can do.

I've got some other ideas up my sleeve as well. Not sure where I will start, but I'm happy to be back in the knitting swing of things.


tandemingtroll said…
Yay for knitting! I am working on spinning wool into yarn, but I don't think you would want it for knitting. It is single ply and VERY uneven. Did you mean to make a pun when talking about other projects "up your sleeve"? Very clever!

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