Triathlon Tuesday

Another update in my quest to complete a triathlon in August!

Sunday I had my first swimming lesson. I mentioned in my last update that I can swim a half-mile doing the breaststroke. Judging by the look on David's face, this is not impressive AT ALL. The look said, "a two-year old could do that blindfolded and with his arms tied together." Although I am still proud of this, I know that I'll need to be able to swim a half-mile doing the front crawl, hence the swimming lessons.

There are eight adults in the class, and everyone was very friendly. Nothing like having strangers witness you flailing through the water to bring you closer together. The first thing the instructor had us do was just kick, with the kickboard, for 100 yards.

Boy oh boy, am I not a good kicker. I barely moved. Apparently I am kicking all wrong. Even when I tried to kick correctly, I still barely moved. Very humbling.

Then we worked on the front crawl and the back stroke for a bit. At one point I looked over at some people in a few lanes, swimming very well and very fast. Wow. "I wish I looked like that," I told the guy next to me. Turns out those weren't people in the lanes next to us...they were LITTLE KIDS. Little kids that were kicking my board all over the pool. Very humbling.

I've got some practicing to do.

On Saturday, David, Kym, Kyle and all shuffled through the Gray Ghost 5K in Anoka. We were dressed as zombies so I can't really say we ran or even jogged. Kym and I were zombie cheerleaders, Kyle was a zombie football player, and David was Shaun from Shaun of the Dead. We had a great time!


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