Baseball, Pluto, and Rhinos

The AL Central title comes down to possibly two games. The Sox have to play a make-up game with Detroit tonight. If they lose, the Twins win the AL Central. If they win, the Twins and the Sox play Tuesday to determine who get the pennant. I don't think I'll be able to watch. Eeeeeee!

While at Disney, we spent Thursday at the Magic Kingdom, where we met some furry creatures named Pluto....

and Goofy.

We needed to see some more furry creatures so on the last day we headed to the Animal Kingdom.

That place is amazing. The attention to detail (which I learned all about at the Disney Institute) was incredible! In addition, most of the park is covered in shade, a welcome respite from the sun beating down on us at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

The best part had to be the animals though. First thing we headed to the Kilimanjaro Safari. We waited less than 5 minutes and were able to see so many amazing animals, pretty up close and personal.

After that,we headed to the Pagani Trail and saw several gorillas, just being gorillas.

What a difference from the zoo here where they just sit behind glass and look miserable.

We also headed to the Affection Section, where I got to say hello to a close personal friend, a sheep.

We were so impressed by the safari, we decided to go again. See these rhinos? I DID NOT use any zoom when I took this photo. They were THAT CLOSE to us. Probably 2 - 3 feet from our vehicle. It was just awesome.

Thankfully, the Animal Kingdom closes at 5. I don't think I could have handled another 12 hour theme park day. I have no idea how people with kids do it. We took a little bus/boat/monorail tour around some of the different resorts and Downtown Disney and then had beer and pizza back at the hotel.

I'm still acclimating back to life in Minnesota. I don't go back to work until Wednesday, so I should have some knitting progress to show soon!


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