Another Weekend Over...No Knitting Done

What is wrong with me? I long to feel productive, yet do nothing; I carry knitting projects around with me, yet they go untouched; I envy what other people have accomplished, yet my needles remain still. What is the problem?

I'm busy discovering new hobbies! Like Geocaching!

D and I went camping at Father Hennepin State Park for part of the weekend (the rain sent us back to St. Paul and an evening of Yahtzee). The Minnesota State Parks have had a geocaching challenge this summer, with caches hidden in all 72 state parks and recreation areas. Father Hennepin happened to be one of 16 "demo parks" where you could borrow a GPS Tracker for free.

After breakfast and an mid-morning game of Poker, we headed up to the Ranger Station to get a GPS. And we were off!

I thought it was a lot of fun...a perfect activity that combines things I like: being outdoors, getting some exercise, and a puzzle-like activity. For D, there was the technology.

Of course, it did start to rain while were were out there...and by the time we found the fourth of four caches in the park, we were soaked.

Being ill-prepared to camp in the rain, we packed up and headed back to St. Paul. We played Yahtzee (I won) and I drank wine out of this cool Star Trek mug (in keeping with the spirit that we were camping and didn't have wine glasses).

Another weekend done; no knitting. Oh well.


Just KT said…
Now that you've caught the geocaching fever, perhaps you could schedule an outing with your beloved brother. He loves it and enjoys taking the older kiddos to trek through the woods.
Orinda5 said…
That's so awesome about the "demo parks" and borrowing a GPS for free. I have been wanting to give it a try, but we don't have a GPS.

Love the mug!
Yahtzee saves the day once again!!
Anonymous said…
We did not let the rain send us home. But then we were prepared for the rain. Whitewater State Park is awesome but the rocky trails were slippery when wet. I did get a little knitting done.

Love Mom

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