The Rest of the Weekend

Not much to see at Valley Fair except people standing in line.

Not much to write about either. Stand in line, go on roller coaster, scream a lot (just me), repeat. It was a lot of fun though. I think the best part though was when D gave away the two extra free passes we had to a family waiting in line. It's $37.99 to get in, so they were pretty happy about that!

We did not head to St. Paul yesterday to check out the RNC craziness. If Katie Couric wasn't there, I didn't want to be either. Judging by what I saw on the news, I'm glad we didn't go. No need to see people smash in the windows of Macy's and get pepper-sprayed.

We chose to stay in and watch the Daily Show coverage of the DNC and Barack Obama's acceptance speech, all on Tivo. This weekend we'll watch the Daily Show coverage of the RNC and John McCain's acceptance speech, and then have a lively debate comparing and contrasting the two.

Oh, who am I kidding? Obama! Obama!


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