A Good Old-Fashioned Hops Harvest

Sunday afternoon, our friends Patrick and Marcy held their First Ever Hops Harvest at their lovely home in the lovely neighborhood we share. I walk past their place every now and then on the way home and have watched the hops grow all summer long. Finally, it was time to harvest!
Patrick, George, David, Andrew and a few others clipped the hops from the arbor...

and a whole bunch of us (including a lot of people I don't know) plucked the hops from the vines.

Look at all those hops!
Mmmm...you know what hops mean. Beer is just around the corner!

The afternoon included chili and cornbread, which was delicious, as well as a variety of beer that George homebrewed. I enjoyed the Double Chocolate Stout and the cherry beer I tried. Mmmm...there were many comments from people that George should come over more often...with more beer.

I was ready to leave, but could not find David anywhere. Back in the garage several people were playing this game.

Has anyone ever seen this? Know where I can get one? It was so much fun! Patrick said it was as old as he was and he played it as a child. You spin a top and try to knock over the pins. In a world of video games, this is the BEST GAME EVER! I managed to knock over one of the pins in the "attic", the partitioned off area at the far end of the game from where the top enters.
Hopefully we will get to help brew some beer soon and this time next year we will be celebrating the Second Annual Hops Harvest!


Oh my family played that game all the time--isn't it called 'Skittles'?

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