A Tiki Good Time

Our friend Kym celebrated her birthday this weekend, so we all headed to Psycho Suzy's in NE Minneapolis to celebrate. I also saw it as a chance to replace the bad taste the Republican hub-bub left in my mouth with some good, old-fashioned liquor.

I think the one on the right is a Crummy Scoundrel and the one of the left is a Sufferin' Bastard. D also had a Paralyzed Polynesian.

Then Kym and I shared this volcano drink while Kyle checked out the nutritional value of his PBR.Of course, there is always a bachelorette party at Psycho Suzy's, and D was kind enough to help them out with their scavenger hunt. What a sweetie. He gave the bride a piggy-back ride. I won't mention the other item he helped them check off their list.

With enough liquor in us, we were able to forget that for a moment our city was over-run by Republicans. And that is the last snide comment I will make about that. The weather is getting colder and I will soon be too distracted by my knitting projects.

Here's to more wooly posts in the future.


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