Happy Birthday to Me...A Couple Days Late

Note: This post is a few days late because I was so freaking tired after my days spent at Disney World I could barely brush my teeth, let alone login to Blogger.

So, Friday was my birthday! And my sister's birthday, too! Happy Birthday, Gretchen!

What was the first thing I wanted to do on my birthday? Open presents? Hop the bus to Epcot? Call The Little Guy and listen to his little voice say, "Happy Birthday" (which I did later and it was soooo cute)?

No, I wanted to turn on ESPN and watch highlights of the Twins sweeping the White Sox. It might all be a moot point after today, but oh well. It was cool.

Once that was done, I opened my gift from D. It was lovingly wrapped in a sock. Looky what I got!

Yay! An iPod Nano! Now I can download knitting podcasts. I can hardly wait. Here I am rocking out to it early Friday morning.

Sadly, I had to leave my little yellow friend behind and head to Epcot. First stop was Guest Relations soI could get a birthday button. Folks, if at all possible, celebrate your birthday at Disney World. Sure, it was hot and humid, but it sure was worth it.

Right away that morning, a group of custodial workers gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday" to me. The rest of the day was like that too. They sure know how to make you feel special there.

We also got to see our future! Look at us in spacesuits!

We had dinner at the Morocco pavilion. I chose this because they have a belly dancer. I got to dance with her...twice. The second time, our server, Balil, forced me up there since he missed me the first time. Let me tell you, wiggling your hips on a full stomach does not feel so good. Then I got dessert and a birthday song.

Of course we met up with some characters during the day as well.

It was a great birthday! I had so much fun, got to see fireworks, and got a really cool gift that is just waiting for some music.

I'll write more about my Disney World adventures tomorrow.


Sarastani said…
Happy Birthday Again Michelle! You look so cute in all your photos. I'm jealous of your fun trip. It looks like you and Dave had a fabulous time!

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