Good Thing I Have Health Insurance

Wow. Last night when I got home my Explanation of Benefits from Health Partners was waiting for me. I've been patiently awaiting this to see just how much my eye surgery cost.

Services for just the anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist were $594.33 and $927.41, respectively. I'm not really sure why one is so much more than the other.

The surgery was $6,762.03.

My appointment the day after surgery was $125.20.

The two appointments I had earlier in the week, with my primary care doctor and the opthamologist were $220.00 and $387.00.

And none of this includes the appointment I had last week or the one I have in two weeks.

So far, fixing my eye has cost a whopping $9,016.27! Of that, I have only had to pay $18.72 for eye drops and $30.00 in co-pays. That's it.

Thank you U of M for a good health insurance plan!


Michelle said…
I wonder. Where does that 3 cents come from?

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