How Did I Do?

Weekend Knitting Accomplishments

1) Ribby Cardi Zipper - A total bust. I didn't even touch it!

2) Finished the foot on the Mystery Sock and downloaded the final clue...the toe!

3) Cast on for Kathy's Sock #2 and knit 3 rows so far.

4) Yarn Purchase at the Yarnery. Semi-successful. I didn't see anything that screamed at me, "I am the yarn for your sweater!" which is odd because there was much beautiful yarn there and everyone was so helpful. My mom did get some yarn, so it wasn't a total loss. Afterwards, we drove over to Borealis Yarns, where I got More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch and the booklet, the Magic Loop. Happy Birthday to me!

I am spending the next few days with my sister and the Little Guy. Her hubby is out of town, so we are living together, for a bit, just like in the old days. Except with a toddler.

The Little Guy was up and talking to himself in his crib for a bit this morning. When his light goes on, he knows it is time to get up, so he will then call out, "Everybody! Come in!" This morning he called out, "Come in, Mimi!" cute is that?


jenn said…
We all have weekends when knitting is not accomplished. I did do a few hats this past week -- lots of time working at a holiday boutique for ten thousand villages. I'll post them to ravelry when I remember to bring my camera to work. :)
Oh I will be heading to both those shops when I come home for Christmas---yeay!!!

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