Gonna Get Me Some Yarn

I have big knitting plans for the weekend. This morning as I walked to the busstop, I decided this weekend I want to:

1) Sew the zipper on my Ribby Cardi. I finished the knitting in FEBRUARY.
2) Complete the foot on Mystery Sock #1. Here is where I left off with it before my surgery. I feel sort of so-so about this sock. I like the stitch pattern, but am not so crazy about how the yarn is pooling.

3) Cast on for Kathy's Sock #2.
4) Go to the Yarnery with my mom on Sunday (she has never been there!) and buy some birthday yarn to make this (ravelry link). I know, my birthday was two months ago. It's taken me some time to decide what I wanted.

Mom didn't really go for the "eye surgery yarn" idea. Oh well.

Speaking of my eye, it's doing much better. Vision is still blurry, partly because my eye is dilated I am sure. The gas bubble in my eye disappeared overnight, so I no longer have to wear my bright green wrist band. Yay! It was getting annoying.

Last night D and I went to the Longfellow Grill for some grub. We are both too lazy to cook. I shouldn't say that about him. I am too lazy to cook. The macaroni and cheese there is REALLY good.

Afterwards, we stopped in to Corazon, a fun little gift shop, kind of like Patina or the Bibelot Shops, but with better greeting cards. I bought this one.

And the inside:
So true. So true.


Anonymous said…
Love the mystery sock! I think I'm going to have to get in on one of those next time.

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