Too Lazy To Post Tuesday

(I like the in the title!)

Obviously, I'm not too lazy since I am posting. I am lazy in the sense that I just wanted to share some links, so there is not much of my own content.

My sister, who is a mom, reads several "mommy blogs". She's the one who turned me on to dooce, who is so famous she was on the Today show a few months ago. She also reads Mom to the Screaming Masses. I don't read this much (ever) but since I am staying with her for a few days, I spied it on the Macbook. In the post yesterday, she gives recipes for flavored liqueurs. Cool! My step mom makes her own amaretto. Maybe she will post her recipe in the comments.

Sara B. sent me this link months ago. I just think it's such a great story, and I saw this security guard the last time I was at the Minneapolis Public Library. He looked shorter in person, but then I remembered that in the picture, he is standing next to a little kid. There are some really good people out there!

And last but not least, the Yarnery now has a Facebook page! I joined. You should too!


Meema said…
Yay! Thanks for spreading the word about the FB page!
Sarastani said…
Also I love that you spread good news. Too much of the world is filled with depressing news lately. Thanks for sharing all your goodies!

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