Well, then...

My sister was giving me a hard time about not posting recently. It's not that I have nothing to post...it's that with it being dark before I even leave work, I haven't been able to take pictures of my recent knitting accomplishments (unless I want to use my flash and have the pictures look horrible).

What about over the weekend, you ask? Hey...I was way too busy over the weekend watching DVDs of the West Wing and picking out an appropriate algebra textbook for a 35 year-old (me) to take photos.

ALGEBRA? What's up with that? Maybe there will be more on that later. Given the fact that I'm also watching a show that has been off the air for several years (while my friends all watch Lost and Heroes), I'm not sure I want to admit how much more of a geek I am.

Quick knitting update: I finished Mystery Sock #1 and am almost done with Kathy's Sock #2. Kathy's socks will be presented to Kathy on Turkey Day, and perhaps she will wear them in early December when she has her eye surgery. I wore hand knit socks to my eye surgery, and I think that was the key to success. That or the Yale and Harvard educated surgeon.

Over the weekend, I will whip up a pair of mittens to donate to the Mitten Fairy at the Yarnery. Then I will start this.

Oh, and I finally checked out Twist Collective. I think I love this and this. And this is pretty cool too. How have I never known about this website? online magazine? Whatever it is, I love it.

The Little Guy had tubes put in his ears today. He came through with flying colors! Yay!


jenn said…
I looked at the twist collective, and I am in love! And Ally got tubes last year, and I think they've helped her a lot.

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