It's About Time For Some Change!


As I rode the bus home last night, I passed many groups of people in the street, waving signs, yelling and cheering. The excitement was...exciting! I can't remember ever being so excited to cast my vote before!

I was lucky that I did not have to wait in line at all to vote. I was in and out of the polling place within 5 minutes. I didn't watch much of the election coverage because I went to bed pretty early. First thing I did when I got up though was turn on the TV and do a little dance around the living room.

Yes, I am pleased.

Tomorrow is the big day for me...eye surgery. I'll post as soon as I can to let everyone know how it went. Thank you for all your prayers and support!


Meema said…
Best wishes for tomorrow!
Hope your surgery goes well, good luck!

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