My Weekend at "The Cabin"

The weekend did not get off to a promising start. I spent the approximately two-hour drive to Chippewa Falls listening to David and Nate talk about routers, WANs, LANs, wireless networks, reverse firewalls, and something about breaking the Internet. Since it was dark, I could not distract myself with knitting. All I could do was stare out the window at...the dark. I'm sure there were some cattle out there.

Once we arrived at the cabin, things took an upward turn. I learned to play Farkel (which I ALMOST won), had some food, and was introduced to great cabin fun via "Poke the Pirate", a game no doubt intended for four year-olds to practice their avoidance skills...avoiding getting poked in the eye by the wayward pirate as he flies through the air.

When 30-somethings with access to copious amounts of beer and liquor play, it has a very different feel. Unfortunately, my camera batteries were dead (I didn't get a chance to purchase more until Saturday afternoon ) so I can't show you pictures of all the fun.

It's probably just as well. Any game that involves "penalty meat", me reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and a small projectile plastic pirate, is probably best not saved for posterity.

Saturday was much tamer and involved lots of Wii playing, Farkel, Zombie Fluxx, a trip to the Leinekugel Brewery, and of course playing in the snow. My highlight of that time would probably be when I was participating in the most innocent of childhood traditions, making a snow angel, when someone (who shall remain nameless) "inadvertently" kicked snow in my face.

Saturday also saw the birth of the "Violent Crumbledown". Patrick and Marcie brought some candies from Australia.
As you can see, they are actually called VIOLET crumbles, but this was lost on us, particularly Leah, who expected "a wrestling match in my mouth when I eat these". Such was the confusion over the name that on the way home David said, "You mean they aren't VIOLENT Crumbles?" at which point Nate and I laughed at him. If you think about it, it makes sense. There are more things in Australia that can kill you than anywhere else in the world, so perhaps their candy should be violent.

What resulted from Leah's comment was series of Violent Crumbledowns to see who could eat the "chocolate covered honeycomb" fastest. It's odd the things that happen in Wisconsin.

There was no Poke-the-Pirate Saturday night. :-(

Sunday morning involved lots of eggs, sausage, bacon, potatoes, and coffee. I made the eggs, and in my zeal to show them off, I bopped a baby in the head with the bowl. Not cool. I was later told that in fact I did not hit him, but rather he sat up and hit his head on the coffee table as the bowl-o-eggs whizzed by him. I still feel partly to blame. What child wouldn't be alarmed and sit up when he sees a bowl of eggs flying through the air towards him?
Eventually, we had to pack up and head back home. I could tell more stories, but this post already seems a bit long. Maybe another time. I did get a little work on the Petroleum Blanket done which I'll show off later.
When I got home, Zoey the Cat was sitting in the window looking down at me. Awwww.....home sweet home.

Thanks Andy and Lindsey for a fun weekend at your cabin!


Andrew said…
Thank YOU for coming. We did cabin tradition proud by having such a nice time. On to the summer party!
tina said…
The baby did wake up screaming tonight- flashbacks to bowl-o-eggs can be a very scary thing.
He bops his head all the time, sometimes he does it and laughs
I would not worry about the bowl-o-eggs.

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