Go Twins!

I logged on to Facebook a bit ago to see this staring me in the face.

"(name withheld) hopes the Yankees sweep the Twins this weekend!!! GO YANKEEEEEES!!!"

This is from someone born and raised in Minnesota and who as far as I can tell still lives here. When I questioned the sanity of this, she replied, "Yeah, that's what everyone says. Twins fans are just too fair weather for me."

First of all, it seems counter intuitive to me to become a fan of another team because you think the fans of your team are too fair weather. If they are too fair weather, what does that make a person who abandons the team?

Second of all, defecting to the Yankees seems a bit extreme. The only thing worse would be becoming a White Sox fan. Why not pick a nice National League franchise? Perhaps the Mets. Or maybe the Phillies. They both seem like nice teams.


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