A Winning Weekend!

Another weekend come and gone. What do I have to show for it? Plenty!

An almost completed pair of rpm socks.

These lovely earrings I bought at the St. Paul Craftstravaganza. One pair is for me and one is for my sister, but she forgot to take them home with her. They are from Fiery Lion Designs, one of my favorite jewelry designers.

And this amazing hippo from Christina's Creatures. Well, I didn't get a photo before the Little Guy took him home, but you can click on the link to see. My hippo is purple with yellow spots. Hippo was really something that Auntie Mimi wanted to buy for the Little Guy more than he actually seemed to want it. In fact, when I asked if he wanted to take an animal home, he said, "No". No problem. I bought him anyway and by the end of the day, the Little Guy had warmed up to Hippo. Gigi told me that he slept with Hippo last night and this morning they heard him in his bedroom saying, "Boing! Boing! Boing!" When Matt went in there, the Little Guy was wrapped around Hippo, bouncing up and down. Hippo is quite large and squooshy. Love him.

I also just found out I am a winner in Orinda5's drawing for the Roseville String Ensemble! I won six skeins of Malabrigo! SIX! I am just thrilled and cannot wait to have it. I'm also thrilled I was able to support a local arts ensemble. Goodness all around!


Gig said…
I will try to get a picture of Hippo for you to put up here soon.
Christina Ward said…
I'm so glad the little dude warmed up to Hippo! I'll check back; I love to see pix of kids with their animals- it's the reason I make them in the first place! Thanks again for adopting a Hippo.

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