A Lazy Day

If you can call a day that began by spending two hours at the gym lazy.

I should back up here. My day actually began with a cupcake for breakfast, because when you have a day off in the middle of the week, indefinitely, the best way to celebrate is by eating a cupcake for breakfast. I'm an adult, so I can do that.

This week I went back to working four days a week, with Wednesday as my day off. I had forgotten what a gift it was to be able to have such a flexible schedule. A gift that I gave away to a friend about a year and half ago and which I will not be giving away again anytime soon...regardless of how many cute babies are involved.

And what a fantastic day it has been. After my cupcake breakfast, I then gained two achievements in Lego Batman (yay me!). Then it was off to the Rec Center, where I was surprised when the scale told me I weighed 3 pounds (maybe it was 2) less than I did a week and a half ago. This was particularly surprising considering the three cupcakes and half a pizza I had eaten in the last 12 hours. Has lifting weights had that much of an effect on my metabolism?

Since it seems to be working, I spent the next hour lifting things up and down over and over, then ran to nowhere on the treadmill while listening to Jane's Addiction, Cake, the Killers, and Arrested Development (remember Mr. Wendall? I do now). I should note that while I lifted weights I listened to "This American Life". I am a dork.

A quick bus ride, and I was back home, on the couch, finishing up the rpm socks. Photos tomorrow!

And now I am at the library, surrounded by all the other people that don't have internet at home.

The best part of this day has just been the realization that this day is all for me. It's my day. I don't have to share it with anyone. As much as I love my boyfriend and my sister and the Little Guy and my family, it's oddly liberating knowing that they all have to work today (or go to daycare) so I get this day all to me. It's my day to be selfish (and get the cleaning and grocery shopping done...and knitting. Maybe I'll finally get some knitting done). And I am sure that in no time I will be arranging lunch with my mom on my day off, or spending the day taking the Little Guy to Musikgarten, or heading to Ramsey to spend time with my dad and step-mom. Or, I can go to the movie and have popcorn for lunch. Whatever I want to do. I am excited.

I just want to run down the street and shout, "I am single and childless and it rocks!"

I hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday as well!


Anonymous said…
Well I thought I had left a comment and it was really cute and now I can't remember all of it. I am so glad you are enjoying your day off everyone should have a day just to themselves to do with what they want. (My original comment had something about watching the lambcam too much and raverlying too much to keep up with my kids.)
Love Mom

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