Yes, As a Matter of Fact, He IS the Cutest Little Boy Around

I finally got a picture of the Little Guy with Hippo last weekend. Unfortunately, his relationship with Hippo seems to be one of sitting on him, so you can't see all of Hippo. You can see some of Hippo's buddies at Christina Ward's Etsy shop. Ooh...they are all so cute and squishy!

You should really click on the picture and make it big. He looks even cuter!

I have frogged the baby surprise jacket (and also the hat I started the same day for that matter). There were a few problems I was having.

For one, it was huge. This was going to be a Toddler Surprise Jacket. I actually have the DVD from Schoolhouse Press (borrowed from Mom) and I started watching it yesterday. The sample she showed of the completed piece, prior to seaming, looked about as big as what I had, which was only half-way. So, it was going to be huge. I know...I should check gauge, but since I was doing this as kind of an experiment, I skipped that part.

Second, I didn't like the way it was knitting up. I was using Tahki Cotton Classic, because I have a lot of it in my stash. I've seen other Baby Surprise Jackets knit with this on Ravely and they all looked fine, but they were also baby size. With the larger size I was ending up with, I think the cotton was going to be too heavy and stretch too much. It was going to look bad.

And last, but certainly not least, I ran out of yarn. I started with three different shades of blue and was alternating, and I ran very, very short. So, I could have started just throwing in orange and green and yellow and purple, but I know I wouldn't have liked the way it looked.

So, off to the frog pond. I think I've got some fun red wool in my stash that will work pretty well. Oh, wait...I started a hat with that. Well, I'll figure something out.


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