Ah...The Smell of Wet Wool

My mom took the day off today and since it was my usual day off, I headed to the 'burbs to dye yarn with her. She had purchased some dye and cheap yarn and considered this a "test" run for when she gets the yarn from the yarn crop share she is a part of.

The yarn soaked in her very deep sink for part of the morning. Looks like noodles.

It was then was added to the dye on the stove top. The color is cantaloupe. After simmering for about 30 minutes, the yarn was ready to be rinsed and hung up to dry.
At this point, the house was filled with the smell of wet wool. Delightful. I'm not really sure if that should be read with a slightly sarcastic tone or not...I don't think wet wool smells great, but there is something sort of comforting about it.
The only complaint I have about this process is that the instructions say to constantly stir the yarn in the pot, so that the color distributes evenly. Granted, we stirred gently, but I think we all know what happens when you combine wool, hot water, and agitation.
The felting is not bad, but it's a little like that pull-n-peel licorice you can get. Fortunately, there weren't any plans to knit an heirloom blanket from this yarn, so some roughness will be okay.

Mostly, it was just really nice to spend the day with my mom. I haven't seen her in a few weeks, and it was nice to see her at the busstop, a mug full of coffee for me, a smile on her face. She kindly took me to a few stores to run some errands as well as out to lunch. We had a wonderful day!


Anonymous said…
Looks like noodles. :-)
Anonymous said…
It's so nice of your mom to share your day! And to finally get a look at the woman we all know as olliepup! Hi Sue!! I love the color the yarn turned out too.

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