Tri Cowboys Finish Third!

Today was the big day we've been waiting for all summer! No, nobody got married or had a baby. David and some friends competed as a team in the St. Paul Triathlon at Lake Phalen. You may remember that Gigi and I did a 5K there in May. Fortunately, the weather was much better today. Sunny, warm, a slight breeze. Overall, a great day for a team of three guys to try to beat their solo triathlete friend!

David was part of a team called the Tri Cowboys. David swam a 1/2 mile, Michael biked 12 miles, and Owen ran the 5K. The goal: beat Kyle. Even Kyle's mom wore a Tri Cowboy t-shirt, although I can say she was cheering for Kyle.

The guys did great, finishing in 1:19. Kyle finished in 1:25. There was also a third team made up of Alan, Max, and Kevin finishing in about 1:30something. The amazing thing is, all three teams had arm problems this summer. Both Kyle and David broke their arms this summer, and Max got a staph infection in his elbow (beware the mats at the gym!).

I should also add that Team Tri Cowboys lost a combined 70 pounds while training!

David and Alan are somewhere in this mass of people.

Afterward we all went to the Longfellow Grill and toasted Kyle. Without his trash-talk, none of the guys would have been there, except maybe Kyle.

Beer and Bloody Marys at 11 a.m. is a good way to start the day!


Just KT said…
Congrats to the Tri Cowboys! Phalen is such a nice lake.

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