The Horrible, Awful, Not Very Good Day

I know there is a book out there with that title, or something similar. I just didn't think it would ever apply to me. Why, just the other day I filled in one of those ubiquitous Facebook questionnaires and when it asked me if the glass was half-full or half-empty, I enthusiastically responded, "It's full!" None of that half-way for me.

Well, yesterday made me doubt this, although as the shock wears off, I'm leaning towards a full-glass again...preferably filled with vodka.

What on earth caused such consternation on my part? I backed in to a woman's car in a parking lot. I know...big deal right? Sure, if you are in your own car and have your own precious cargo inside. For me, it was Gigi's car and the Little Guy, and the anxiety the event caused made me wish I took valium or something on a regular basis.

Yesterday was supposed to be a fun day. I spent all day with the Little Guy What could be more fun? We should have romped out in the sunshine, laughed and played, all day long. The day got off to an iffy start. The Little Guy wanted to go to the library, but we didn't have Gigi's library card. Then he wanted to go to a toy store, but that wasn't open yet. Then for some inexplicable reason he wanted to go to Marshall's. They weren't open either. I felt like we spent a lot of time driving around. And playing trains, but that part was fun.

I think if it weren't for the car incident, it would have been a much better day. The Little Guy alternated between moments of nearly unbearable cuteness (watching him run down the hall at Gigi's work, the way he said "WOW!" so genuinely when he saw something cool) to the usual three-year old whining ("I want mommy. I want mommy noooooowwwww"). He told me several times, "Mimi, do not buy me any toys today," and then wanted to pick out a special treat for Mommy, which of course, was a truck.

But the best was this moment, a little conversation that brightened my day.
Me: (clenching fist against head) Ugh! I am such a moron!
Little Guy: Mimi, what's wrong?
Me: I was just thinking about when I bumped into that lady with the car, and I feel so stupid. I'm just really upset about it.
Little Guy: That's okay, Mimi. You can tell David about it in the morning.
Me: (Smiling) Yeah, maybe he can make me feel better.
Little Guy: Yes, maybe David will make you feel better. I think he will.

What a sweetie!


Anonymous said…
I hope today is a better day and that your glass is full of happiness not vodka.

Love Mom

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