Just a Few More Weeks

Five years ago, when I renewed my driver's license, I was prepared. I went early in the day, immediately after I had showered, styled my hair, and put on makeup (even lipstick!). I carefully chose my clothes. I kept the AC in the car on so my hair would not get messed up. I smiled pretty for the camera. The upshot of all this was a driver's license photo that everyone looked at and said, "Wow! That's a really nice picture of you".

Well, I got the renewal notice about a month ago, and I've been putting it off because I wanted another nice photo. I need a haircut and who knows when that will happen. Never mind that this photo looks nothing like me anymore or that the expiration is fast approaching. I was going to wait until my hair looked good!

This morning, David and I went to County Bike to get his packet of stuff for the triathlon tomorrow, and wouldn't you know...the DMV was right across the street. There I was: no shower, no makeup, wearing my glasses, t-shirt I was wearing for the third time this week. And I just said, "Let's go over there. Might as well get this done". "Are you sure? We can come back," David said. Nope. Gonna do it now.

So, I'll have a bad photo like everyone else: stringy hair, shiny skin, silly smile on my face. Fantastic. At least I've got another month of the cute photo.


Gigi said…
it cant be any worse than mine.
Just KT said…
I feel your pain. I have my "best" license pic in my desk drawer. I look at it fondly every now and again. I think I might have to scrapbook it.

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