I am utterly exhausted after this weekend. It was all about food and fitness. The fitness was needed to counteract the food.

For those of you who only read my blog for the knitting content, I will tell you that I finished the body of Flair last night. Now it's just sleeves, collar, and buttoning. By the time I finished, it was too dark to take a photo without the flash, so I don't have a visual to share. Soon though, I promise.

Now that that is out of the way, you don't need to read about my other adventures unless you are interested. Well, you may want to continue to see some sheep pictures.

Saturday morning, David and I biked up to St. Thomas where we met Kym and Kyle bright and early for a run. We ran about 2.5 miles with them, and then the two of them continued on (they are training for the Twin Cities Marathon) while David and I hopped back on our bikes and to the Mill City Farmer's Market. We had breakfast there (goat cheese omelets with cucumber and some other stuff...sorry, I was starving. I didn't pay too much attention). We also bought cherry tomatoes, cucumber, garlic sourdough bread, lettuce, some amazing blue cheese, and a tiny blueberry pie. Then we had the Indian Spiced Mini-Donuts from the Chef Shack before we got on the bikes and headed back down to St. Paul.

We made a stop at Lock and Dam Number 1. They have a great public exhibit there and we saw two boats for through the lock. I'd like to take my dad there. I think he'd like it, being an engineer and all. We putzed around there for about 45 minutes, shivering quite a bit of the time. It was very cool on Saturday...my hands actually got numb the first part of the morning.

Leaving Lock and Dam Number 1, we had to go up a very steep hill that nearly killed me. David reported he was "a little worried" about how heavy I was breathing. The only way to really recover from such a thing was to head over to Minnehaha Park and have lunch at Sea Salt...beer and fish tacos.

Finally, we made it back home. 15 miles on the bike, 2.5 miles running, and all that activity before 1:00 in the afternoon.

It was time for a nap.

We enjoyed our Farmer's Market purchases for dinner. I did some knitting. I was in bed by 8:45. Still exhausted.

Of course that meant I was up nice and early to make some eggs with tomato and blue cheese, enjoy my coffee, read the paper, and then bike over to the St. Paul gym (U of M) to swim for the first time in 20 years.

Swimming is very hard.

After swimming, we went to the State Fair. A celebration of food! At least, that is the way I feel about it.

Of course, there are also sheep there, and lots of them.

A few other highligts:

Wine tasting in the Horticulture Building

Listening to our fearless leader, Robert Bruininks, discuss the importance of higher education outside the U of M building

Buying Spam

Caprese Salad on a Stick

Playing around in the farm implements

We also had corndogs, Luigi Fries (breadstick with cheese and marinara), cinnamon roll, corn dog, walleye cakes, and Polish sausage with pepper and onions. See...all the exercise was needed.

After a trip down the Giant Slide, we got on our bikes again and headed back home. I'm sure I'll be in bed in the next 12 minutes.


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