The Weekend

My grandpa was in town for the weekend which meant there was much playing of Hand and Foot, eating of apple pie that he baked (SO GOOD!), and general good family times.

The Little Guy and I went "mountain biking".

If you've never played Hand and Foot, you should learn how. It requires 4 or 5 decks of cards. My grandpa has made these helpful card holders specifically for Hand and Foot. I think everyone in our family has one of these.

The rest of the weekend has been suitably lazy. I've finished the raglan shaping on Flair and am ready to put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn and continue with the body. I did realize one big mistake. You are actually supposed to do buttonholes on each edge. I completely missed that while reading the directions. I got to three buttonholes and THEN saw the directions about button holes on each edge. Why the heck do I need button holes on each edge? Then I remember it is double breasted, so...yeah, that makes sense. I think I will add snaps or hook and eye closures on the inside instead.

Tomorrow - back to work. Boo!


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