Get ye over to the Lumpy Sweater and tell her why you think knitting is like a newborn baby!

Have I mentioned the Lumpy Sweater enough lately? I'm starting to feel a bit like a stalker. Oh well.

This morning as I came in to work, I saw this on Northrup Mall:

Kind of looks like a little garden, no? Well, it is! It's made out of sticks, the tops of plastic bottles, and green construction paper for leaves.

Someone made all these pretty little flowers, and on the leaves printed facts and tips on recycling, drinking tap rather than bottle water, and other "green" living info.

You probably can't read the leaves, but I am going to post some of my favorite little flowers here.
I like the orange cap on this one!

What a great idea! I may be a bit biased because it is also so crafty. It certainly did get attention though. Several other people were stopped to check it out when I was there at 7:30 a.m. I'm not sure if it is still there. This is what I love about working on a college campus. One day there is a camel on the mall, the next a garden made of plastic bottles.

I wonder what Monday will hold?


castingaway said…
That is so neat!

You know, its hard to believe there was a time that you didn't have a blog! Man, when you do something you do it right, don't you? Seems like you post at least everyday. Its good to keep up with you!

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