The Vacation Continues...

Today I am spending with the little guy out in the burbs. He's napping right now, but earlier today we went up to his new daycare for a visit. While there, I was MOBBED by children, in particular little girls. I don't know if it was the dandelion in my hair or that they were so excited to see someone new. The two I chatted with the most, Scarlett and Emma, let me in on various news, such as: their mommies are coming to pick them up; one of them had a princess bike; one wants a pink flower, the other purple; and of course they wanted me to watch them go down the slide.

Since I am out here at my sister's place, that means I will measure her later and then be able to begin on the Nothing But a T-Shirt. I'll be using this Rowan Calmer in a blue-ish shade with white for the trim.

I also have started a One Skein Wonder for Gretchen. I've made a lot more progress since I took this photo. It's made out of Classic Elite Bazic Wool in Thistle.

While I was home Monday, the Knitpicks CotLin arrived for the Josephine Top I am planning to make. The color is Kohlrabi.

And last but not least, here is one finished Synesthesia sock. This will be the only project going with me to Denver...well, maybe the OSW since it is so close to being finished.

That with whatever I come up with for Sockapalooza 5 pretty much sums up my summer knitting queue. Oooooh...the excitement!


castingaway said…
Sounds like you have some fun knitting ahead. Great sock!
Nice to know I'm not the furtherest behind on the Nothing But a T-Shirt KAL...but I have a feeling looking at you other projects that it's not going to last! :-)

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