Something Like a T-Shirt

I've made good progress on my Nothing But A T-Shirt. I'm working on this as a KAL with the Lumpy Sweater and The Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts.

This is the back, and I've actually made a little more progress since the picture was taken. I have finished the bust increases and I'm confident I'll be able to finish the back this weekend and get started on the front.

In other happy knitting news, I finally got around to calling Knitpicks yesterday about my broken needle. The whole phone call took about three minutes. No being on hold and no hassles. Just friendly customer service. A new needle is already on the way!

I'm still working on the Gloria cowl, but haven't worked on it much the last couple of days. Perhaps that will get finished up over the weekend as well.


Argh! How do you people knit so fast? Why am I bringing up the rear of the KAL? :-) Anyways, love your choice of yarn; it's such a beautifully soft color.

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